Power to the People!

When we created Sierra Nevada Revolution, we wanted to build a platform that would bring voice to those of us who live here in California's 4th Congressional District.

Facebook can be an awesome way to do this by growing our audience and getting our message in front of more voters, but it's a "pay-to-play" service – posts must be "boosted" in order to be viewed.

Now, you have the ability to Amplify our message to voters across ca-04!

Just tell us which Facebook post you want to boost, how much you want to boost it for, and we'll make it happen! For just $5 you can get our message in front of as many as 500 voters who live in our congressional district.

After the promotion finishes, we'll send you a report showing how many people saw the post, and how many people took action.

It's super easy and takes just a couple minutes. Try boosting a post right now!

  1. Visit our Facebook page HERE.
  2. Find a post you want to amplify.
  3. Click the button below.
Boost a post right now!

Boosting a post dramatically increases its exposure to voters across our district!

When the boost is complete, we'll send you a report showing how well it performed.