Graduating from Indivisible

Today our congressman, Republican Tom McClintock, voted in favor of the tax bill, dramatically slashing taxes on corporations and very wealthy individuals while piling on $1.4 TRILLION to our national deficit. He did this knowing full well that the bill will hurt the majority of constituents in his mostly rural district; knowing that the majority of his constituents do not support the tax bill.

In fact, of the 13 Republicans who voted against the tax bill the first time around, Tom was the only one to switch his vote to 'Yes.'

The reason Tom voted ‘Yes’ is simple: Campaign donations. Most of the money that will be spent to support his reelection campaign will come from wealthy individuals and corporations from outside our district. Therefore Tom must do the bidding of those who would fund his campaign.

Politics should not be ruled by money, and yet, here we are. We live in a time where the amount of money a politician is able to raise either through direct donations, or by proxy through dark-money funneled through Political Action Committees, will largely determine the outcome of the election. Like it or not, political campaigns are marketing campaigns, and effective marketing campaigns are expensive.

It would seem that since the Citizen’s United and McCutcheon decisions, that our voice as constituents would be drowned out by a small percentage of very wealthy, and very powerful individuals, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We have an idea that can turn the tables, and bring our collective voice front and center.

All marketing is fundamentally a quest for attention and influence. Whether you’re Coca-Cola, Apple, or Tom McClintock, the effort has always been to try and win the attention of the people, and to influence their decisions. Until today, we donated our money to organizations and campaigns with the hope that the people we sent our donations to would spend that money wisely and win enough attention and influence to affect the outcome of an election.

Starting today, we’re taking matters into our own hands.

Indivisible CA-04 began on February 4th, immediately after the now-famous Roseville Town Hall. What began as a humble effort to connect and organize activist groups across the district has grown to become the most followed online political presence within CA-04. We now have more followers on Facebook and Twitter than every single Republican, Tea Party, and Libertarian group combined and as of last Friday, we now have more followers than Tom McClintock.

We are winning the war for attention and influence, but we have a long way to go if we’re going to affect the outcome of next November’s election. As of last February, there were 444,647 registered voters in the district. In order to reach them we must grow our brand and increase our following.

Indivisible has been, and will continue to be an integral part of how we take back control of our government, but if we are to grow our numbers we must broaden our appeal to voters who may not identify with grassroots activism. We must establish our own, unique identity and speak with a collective voice that resonates with mainstream voters. Therefore, starting today we have a new name and a new look:

We are now Sierra Nevada Revolution

Sierra Nevada Revolution is an online media platform for politically conscious pragmatists within California’s 4th Congressional District. Through its various online outlets, SNR has established itself as the voice of the "radical middle,” sharing news, stories, and insights relating to the district.

OUR MISSION is to promote civic engagement while advancing social and environmental responsibility, equality, and human rights throughout California's 4th Congressional District.

OUR VISION is to develop a robust media platform from which the voice of the people of CA-04 can be amplified to great effect, reestablishing our moderate majority while influencing the decisions of our elected officials.

We will accomplish this by pooling our resources together and building our own hyper-targeted marketing campaigns focused on residents of CA-04. Using the latest best practices in digital marketing and social media, we will amplify our voice and pull our district back together from the brink of tribalism.

The secret to our approach is no secret... We will appeal to common sense by promoting Truth and focusing our message on the issues that matter most to those of us who live here. Put simply, instead of regurgitating national news with the usual spin, we will provide analysis of how the decisions of our elected officials affect CA-04.

Our aim is to create a platform for the people. But in order for that to happen, YOU must get involved. This is your platform. Are you ready?

To start, visit the Take Action page of our website. There you will find eight different ways to contribute and amplify your voice:

  1. Like - Follow - Share - Retweet

  2. Show your CA-04 Pride with custom gear

  3. Join a local group

  4. Submit an article

  5. Go to an event

  6. Speak up!

  7. Run for office

  8. Register to vote

What we are building together transcends typical campaigns. Our efforts will have a lasting effect beyond the 2018 election as we continue to grow our reach and influence. Elected officials will no longer rely on raising dark money from competing interests, and will instead be free to tour our vast district, meeting with the very constituents who are controlling the message.

Better days lie ahead friends. Stay involved. Stay hopeful. If we work together, we can turn politics on its ear and accomplish something never before imagined in politics.

Yours truly,

- The team at Sierra Nevada Revolution