Guilty or Not Guilty...Does It Matter?

This organization thrives when it has the participation of many people, many voices, many thoughts and it is together we shall overcome and resist the current state of our nation’s leadership on the national, statewide and local levels. In an effort to give voice and audience to members of our organization, this week we welcome an article authored by Jane Sweet, a concerned citizen in California Congressional District 04 as she stands with us, We The People! We are still looking for other contributors for this blog and other media applications…if you’re interested, please contact us today!
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“Would you even care if he (Trump) was guilty?” 


Fox News recently published an article titled “Would you even care if he (Trump) was guilty?”  and as the article states “The stock market is up, unemployment is down and the economy seems to be picking up some steam. The streets are mostly safe, the nation is mostly secure and the world is mostly at peace.”  So does it matter to you whether or not the president is a crook?


The answer for a lot of Americans may be “No.”





Trump continues to beat the drum on Clinton, similar to a divorced person who swears they are over the divorce, but can’t stop talking about their ex. The article goes on to say this is “One of the reasons the president has fallen back into the habit of demanding criminal prosecution of his vanquished 2016 foe is to force his supporters to climb back down the decision tree and ask themselves again whether they would rather have Hillary Clinton as president.”


Another reason for the constant mention of Clinton according to the Washington Post in their words “With reptilian clarity — hopeless on strategy, but instinctively keen — he seizes on the binary basics of our endless combat: To survive, one must have a foe.” It’s true, Hillary has a lot of baggage going all the way back to her husband’s time in office; anyone in politics for 40+ years has some kind of baggage.  There was also a lot of “Russian” and/or “Alt-Right” propaganda out on the web alluding to misdeeds regarding the Clintons (true or not); some loosely based on truth but many blatant outright fabrications and lies. Perhaps some insecure men did not like the idea of a woman as the leader of the free world, perhaps others needed a reason to express their racism, xenophobic attitudes and frustration with the “status quo” of the nation. Whatever the reasons, Hillary Clinton was defeated in the electoral college to Donald Trump and We The People lost a whole lot more.


Rules and Regulations, Who Needs Them?



For example, a lot of people don’t want the government telling them what they can and cannot do in the form of regulations. This is part of the frustration with “status quo”, The American Public has been convinced that rules and regulations are bad for the country, for the economy and against the very principals of Liberty. However, the majority of regulations are written not to hurt businesses but to protect workers and the public. Remember the uproar over the mandatory seatbelt law? People resisted, there were cries of impinging liberty, of the “nanny state” control and many vowed to disregard the law. Now, some 30+ years later, the majority of people realize seat belts save lives. And it’s practically “second nature” to buckle-up before driving. How about air quality issues? Do you remember, before the regulation of automobile emissions, the quality of air in Southern California or other major urban area? The smog was so thick you could almost chip a tooth just breathing it and many back then, in the 1970s, protested the phase-out of “regular leaded gasoline”; but again, decades later we’re breathing a lot more healthy air and it’s hardly changed anyone’s life for the worse.   


plastic bags

Another example, recently here in California, there is a ban on single use plastic bags.  Yes, another regulation.  To tell the truth, I thought it might be over reach by the state to tell me what to do. I used those single use bags as trash liners for my bathroom trash can, what harm are they and do we really need a regulation to restrict them? But I admit, I was wrong.  Now, looking back only 6 months, there are fewer or almost zero bags on the side of the road (litter) and the same can be said about the Bay and the beach here in California. The single use ban has changed the way I shop, I bring my reusable bags with me now but you know what? It’s not hard, it’s not impinging on my liberty and it’s doing a lot of good across our fair state…and California continues to lead the nation as more states consider banning or reducing the use of single use bags. I could cite other examples, there are many rules and regulations which benefit both the individual citizens and the collective nation, but you get my point; Regulations are, overall, for the good of everyone and not to simply curtail Liberty.



Why do people fear government regulations?  Do they think the “Corporation” will look out for their best interest or their health? Are they assuming that people will always “do the right thing” and be fair to everyone? Sadly The Republican Party appears to be aligned with the corporations and the owners of big business. A simple “Who’s Who” of Trump administration’s cabinet says a lot; more former CEO’s, big investors and millionaires than other administration before and all of them are Republicans. Does this mean that more Americans support the “plight” of large corporations because they’ve voted Republicans into so many offices? No, I believe a lot of the support for the Republican Party is from fear, a fear that is initiated and stoked by The Republican Party itself. Through their “friends” at FOXNEWS and other alt-right publications/media outlets, these good Americans have been fooled, bamboozled and cajoled into supporting the Grand Old Party by a skillful use of language, media and hate-baiting rhetoric which dates back to the 1980’s (perhaps further) and is presently institutionalized by Trump’s own government sanctioned “Real News Network” on The White House website.



Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself…



It was a Democrat who said “There’s Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself…” so what are all these Americans afraid of, where’s the fear? Fear of being out of work. Fear of the economy collapsing. Fear of crime in the streets or the ambiguous fear of foreign terrorism on our shores. In today’s America the Unions are on the decline, the corporate entity is considered “citizens”, wages are artificially stagnated or limited and thus the employee has no voice of importance. Remember, this is very recent history too, these are the same corporations that laid off millions of workers, “farmed” out millions of jobs overseas, tanked the economy and benefit from government subsidies, huge tax benefits (and they want more) and in many instance (lately) contribute to the policy making decisions of our elected representatives.


fearmonger tv

Still, one has to wonder, however, what are people so afraid of, where’s the fear based? Yes, the economy is better. Yes, the stock market is up. Yes, unemployment has gone down. Yes, the crime rate is trending downward. Yes, we are safer from foreign terrorist now than the past 20 years. It should be understood, however, these positive facts are not true in every part of our nation. There are many pockets in this country where the cost of living is staggering, where the unemployment rate remains high, where the stock market is irrelevant, where the violent crime rate is rising and where terrorism has been transformed into hate crimes committed by Americans against other Americans. Again, what’s there to fear? Perhaps, I wonder, is the fear instinct? Do people intrinsically sense that even though the statistics seem positive, there’s danger at the door? After all, some of the rise in the stock market has to do with “financial engineering” wherein companies buy back company stock which restricts the supply and thus raises the price. Some of the rise in the stock market has a correlation of automation and more work with fewer employees.  Some of it is the product of global trade and offshoring manufacturing.  Some of it has to do with changes in the style of corporate management.  Some of the rise in the stock market is because of the California tech industry.  And finally some of it is based on the hope that the corporate tax rate will be changed and the repatriation of offshore profits. Likewise, even though Americans are safer now than 25 years ago through the slanted view of media we hear about violent crime on the rise in larger urban areas, we hear about questionable police confrontations and other “fear based” news stories.  



The question then becomes, if all this fear is based on slanted views, how do we truly assess the state of the nation? A strong economy is reflected in how many people can move from lower class to the middle class.  It provides a consumer with economic power (good wages) and opportunity for growth.  It educates its workforce and it is building education for all for the future generations. China and Asian countries is doing this, we are not; in fact, of all the G20 countries (20 of the most powerful world economies) The United States of America ranks near last in the mobility of its citizens and among the five worst in terms of health care. There is a huge discrepancy between the rich and the poor, both economically and in terms of gender, race and geographical locations. Since the early 1980’s the average hourly pay adjusted for inflation has not changed and since the 1980’s corporate profits have risen by nearly 2000%!  This has correlation to the decline of the unions and is a long term threat to the middle class of America. There is more and more corporate power in government and more monopolies in every industry, from media to healthcare to agriculture. The corporate domination of government appointments to agencies which run our regulatory body is counter-productive to the mandate these agencies have to protect the citizens, environment and the nation’s general well-being. Indeed, something is rotten in American Dream and it’s not the people who people this nation.




Guilty or Not Guilty…It Does Matter!



Although the question as to whether or not Trump is/was in bed with the Russians may not matter to his supporters, for the majority of Americans (myself included) it is not acceptable and should be fully investigated. Meanwhile Trump continues to give power to corporations, and hires millionaires and billionaires as staff and consultants. His businesses continue to profit from his position in the White House, and despite his constant battle cry at “support rallies” he has in truth wholly disregarded We The People. Actually, that’s not true…Trump did not forget about We The People because he never ever considered We The People to begin with…Trump only played well to a limited base in limited areas, and through the archaic system of the electoral college (which was developed to protect large land owners, big business and the elite) he was elected to the highest office of the land… Despite losing the election “bigly” by a popular majority. Trump has no mandate, he has no real support beyond his core base of racist, xenophobic, narrow-minded neophytes, and never in our Presidential history has anyone been under multiple investigations so early in their administration. So, does it matter if he is guilty or not?

I think it matters and so should you. Thank you.



Jane Sweet (a concerned citizen)