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In truth it doesn’t always feel like “We The People”

Greetings readers of this blog, thanks again for taking time to read this blog and I promise it will indeed be a short one…partly because this is my third blog in a row for Indivisible CA-04 and in this short article I am appealing to the writers, thinkers and those who simply wish to express their First Amendments Rights by voicing an opinion, a thought, a solution or even simply a gripe. Indeed, I think a lot about, and write about “We The People” in the context of both The United States and this particular organization and this blog. However, in truth it doesn’t always feel like “We The People”, it most often feels like “We a Few People” and that’s what this short article is all about…an appeal to more folks who have something to say, a call for some more submissions and/or ideas for this blog and for the organization to address in multiple ways. It’s not easy and more importantly, it’s not the whole truth to keep proclaiming it’s all about “We The People” when it’s actually a relatively few people involved, is it? That’s what I’m trying to address…I (for one) both want and need to hear from more of the people, if only because it feels a bit disingenuous to write about “We The People” from my simple desk of one…get it?


Be a Sculptor with The Block, Make Something Wonderful from It...

Michael Angelo's David

Michael Angelo's David

I know not everybody is a writer, I understand the difficulty of articulating one’s own thoughts sometimes…I have been writing professionally since The Reagan era and I still struggle with this fact nearly every time I need to write something. This edition of the blog article for example; this is the third version of the article and I have three other articles half written about the health care debate, the dwindling rights of both workers and citizens alike as well as a conversation with a (former?) Trump supporter who is having serious regrets for casting a vote. I know I’ll eventually complete those articles, I may even publish them here on the CA-04 blog too…but my point is that even the most seasoned writer has an occasional block. I have learned to work through the block, I have to work through those blocks because our family’s income depends on it and I cannot afford to just “give up” and walk away from the matter. It’s also not my nature to give-up, I am terrible at quitting things. I try to be a sculptor with the block, make something wonderful of it. Much like the problems our nation is facing, much like the issues our district is dealing with…we cannot afford to just give up because we’re being blocked. Our incomes depend on it, our wellbeing depends on and most importantly, future generations are depending on our abilities to work through these blocks. It doesn’t matter what the perception of these blocks might be, it could be a non-responsive representative, a series of laws or regulations which limit our collective efforts or even a bunch of hard numbers that don’t add up to the conclusion we’re working towards…all of these blocks seem insurmountable but they are not, not at all.



“We The People” need YOUR WORDS so this blog is not just “Me The Person”!

Don't Let Me Be Me The Person!

Don't Let Me Be Me The Person!

Perhaps it’s a matter of confidence, I understand that too…it’s not easy to believe in yourself when you’re trying to do something that is new. It can cripple one’s creative notions when we start to compare ourselves to others, be they famous/great writers or simply another person who has a flair for the written word…it’s so common to not have faith in one’s abilities when compared to others. But don’t, don’t consider any other writer’s work when thinking about your own writing. Writing, especially in the context of a blog, is an expression of YOUR thoughts. To compare your thoughts to the thoughts of anybody else is both silly and pointless; say/write what YOU THINK and don’t worry about any other writer…it really works. But maybe you are not able to find the words to express yourself, maybe you have leftover feelings from an English teacher who chided your teenage expressions or perhaps you might think your thoughts or words don’t matter…but they do, they all matter. Please share your thoughts as a series of words because in at the end of the day, it’s almost always been words that changed the world…and “We The People” need YOUR WORDS so this blog is not just “Me The Person”!


Don’t worry about getting it right, just focus on getting it written first!


Try it, even if you don’t think it’s something worth publishing, just close the Facebook and other apps, turn off the television and write down YOUR thoughts for a half hour…that’s all, try it for 30 minutes and just write. If you have a subject or issue you’re thinking about, that’s great but even if you don’t have a clue what to say…just pick a subject, an issue or an expression of any kind and start writing about whatever is on your mind. See what happens, you might be surprised! Words may not come out exactly right, your thoughts might get lost in a tangent or muddy in translation, but that’s alright.  The point is, the hardest part of the writing process is getting from the start to the finish, how you get there or whatever words you use or grammatical rules get abused, absolutely does not matter! Anything and everything can be fixed once you draft the first completed version of your essay, your process will continue until the article is finally published so there’s always opportunity to fix or amend the work. Even once it’s published, for that matter, it can always be updated later…so don’t worry about getting it right, just focus on getting it written first!


My Thoughts are Doing Something Outside of My Head!

Words fit Together to Make Change...

Words fit Together to Make Change...

The last part is easy peasy and simply as pie…just email a .doc file (Word) of your final draft to me along with an email introducing yourself…it takes me a few days to read and respond, but I always do and we’ll discuss your article…it might be just exactly perfect or it might need some editorial tinkering, but it will always remain your words, your intellectual property and you have full control of the process all the way up to and after it is published on this website. Once we’re agreed that your article is ready, I’ll take care of uploading it, adding any graphics (you can help) and together we’ll work on it as an online draft until the day of publication; from there it’s up to the Indivisible CA-04 digital team, as well as me and you, and perhaps our friends too...and post and circulate the article so that we can make your voice heard on the world wide web. By the way, it’s great personal feeling to have your work published, even in just a blog, there’s a subtle charge of pleasure and maybe even a touch of pride that one does not get every day. It's a sense of accomplishment that stays with a writer too.  For example, I have been doing this awhile but still every time something is “finished” or “published”,  I get a very unique personal gratification. I like knowing that I’m being heard, my words are being read, my thoughts are doing something outside of my head…it’s really a great feeling!  It’s even a little addictive, so be aware you might get hooked! I encourage you to contact me if you’re the slightest bit interested in participating. If you don’t have something completed but you’re looking for some guidance, I’ll try to help and if you’ve got something started and might need a coach, again, let me know! My direct contact info is below or perhaps find me on Facebook (I don’t use messenger however) and I’ll be happy to help you out!






Thanks for Reading and Take Care, Be Well and Stay Safe! 

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