What Leadership Means to Me - Kiana Brown-Coles

We have been given permission, and are honored to share this essay by Kiana Brown-Coles, a 2018 Sacramento Women's March Youth Ambassador and winner of the 2018 Youth Essay Contest. Her words serve as a reminder of what it means to be leader, and that the future of our nation is in very capable hands.

The word leadership means that someone has the quality to lead and inspire a group. The qualities of a good leader is someone who has the ability to inspire those around them, positively handle situations that may arise, be open-minded, and work well with others.

All of these qualities are important to being a leader because they ensure that the targeted goal of the group or duo is successful, that all opinions are taken into account, and that the one who is in the lead is a strong-minded individual.

Positivity is also another quality of a leader, and one leader who I personally look up to is African-American writer Alice Walker who won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for her novel The Color Purple. Not only is Alice Walker a nationally awarded author, but was also a Women's Rights activist who used her literature skill to bring black women's equality and struggle into mainstream focus. During Alice Walker's writing reign, all of her poems, short stories, and novels were inspired by the civil rights movement and the issues women had to endure.

During these unfortunate times Alice did not result to hatred or violence; she used her voice and platform to spread awareness and even give some resolutions, and she did all of this with the utmost positivity.

Alice holds all the qualities of a good leader and has single-handedly inspired millions who have read her literature to become more socially and politically aware, and though she had thousands of situations being an African-American woman and writing such controversial topics.
In my own experience, I believe I have been a leader when it came to group projects because I have always had the skill to take control of a situation but, also incorporate everyone else's ideas in the project.

My goal for becoming a great leader is to work into the field of social work and I hope to help many young adults and children of different backgrounds with any issues they may have. I want to be someone who they can look up to and know they can trust me due to my nonjudgemental environment and big heart to help people.

I hope to become a leader for the youth of the future and inspire them to be open-minded to everyone, love themselves, and know they can always make their future better even with someone else’s help.

Kiana Brown-Coles - Senior
Jan, 2018