20 Very Good Reasons To Retire Tom McClintock


Tom McClintock is a savvy politician. He knows that if he stays quiet and keeps his name out of headlines, he can rely on a conservative majority in his district to look for the word “Republican” on the ballot and fill in his bubble. This is why he stopped doing town halls last year after making headlines for enormous crowds that began showing up. It’s also why he recently backed out of a second debate in Truckee against his rival, Jessica Morse.

It’s been more than a year since his last town hall and our district has had to settle for just a single debate that was held in remote Mariposa, far from our district’s population center in Roseville.

Tom has been successful by laying low, but we’re not letting him slip by this time. We’ve all learned a lot about Tom over the past two years and as we close in on election day, we should pause and consider his record.

Whatever your political affiliation may be, the facts about Tom are troubling. It’s time we all took a closer look at our alternative, Jessica Morse. (Website) (On Facebook)

20 Very Good Reasons To Retire Tom McClintock

  1. CARPETBAGGER - Tom McClintock has never lived in the district he's supposed to represent (CA-04). He lived in LA until 1996. Lives in a gated community on a man-made lake (swamp) in CA-07. He can’t even vote for himself! (Source) (Map)

  2. BACKBENCHER - Tom McClintock is a do-nothing Congressman. He's sponsored a paltry 33 bills since taking office nearly a decade ago. Only four became law:
    - Renamed a post office.
    - Renamed another post office.
    - Gave 41 acres of public land to the Red Hawk Casino. (donors)
    - Renamed a mountain. (Source) (Source)

  3. RADICAL, RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST - Out of all 535 members of the House and Senate, he is ranked as the 8th MOST extreme member of Congress by the hyper-conservative American Conservative Union with a nearly perfect, lifetime score of 98.7. (Source)

  4. OPPOSES PUBLIC EDUCATION - Tom McClintock believes capitalism is the best solution for improving public education. Advocates for “cut-throat competition” among teachers. Routinely votes for bills that advance charter schools and vouchers (coupons for private schools). (Source) (Source)

  5. ANTI-WOMEN - Tom McClintock condones violence against women, opposes healthcare for women, and is against equal pay for women. This is not an exaggeration. (Source) (Source) (Source)

  6. HEALTHCARE RAIDER - Tom McClintock voted to raise health care premiums for most of his constituents, and deny healthcare for tens of millions of Americans with preexisting conditions, or what he calls “nuisances.” (Source) (Source) (Source)

  7. SOCIAL SECURITY LOOTER - McClintock has proposed BILLIONS in cuts to Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and veterans’ benefits. (Source)

  8. REVERSE ROBIN HOOD - Tom McClintock supports redistribution of wealth to the ultra-rich. He voted to dramatically increase the wealth gap, further enriching the 1% while lowering wages for American workers. (Source) (Source) (Source) (Source)

  9. DEFICIT EXPLODER - Tom McClintock voted to increase our deficit by $12.4 TRILLION, then voted for a nearly $1 TRILLION defense budget, investing in defense contractors and further enriching shareholders. (Source) (Source)

  10. CORPORATE WELFARE - Tom McClintock was eager to cut $3 billion in subsidies for renewable energy companies, but is totally fine with $20 billion in subsidies annually for dirty/nonrenewable oil, coal, and gas companies. Why? Consider his biggest donors: (Source) (Source) (Source)

  11. CORRUPT HYPOCRITE - For a man who claims he is opposed to government spending, Tom McClintock takes a lot of money from the government. And he has gotten far more than he’s deserved in his 36 years as a politician. (Source) (Source)

  12. CLIMATE DENIER - Tom McClintock believes there’s nothing we can do about climate change and that it isn’t even worth trying. (Nevermind oil spills, explosions, water contamination, toxic air, irreparable land scarring, etc.) Consistently ignores upside potential for new, clean energy jobs. (Source) (Source) (Source)

  13. LUMBER FIRST - Tom McClintock refuses to support funding for the Forest Service to prevent/fight wildfires. Voted to eliminate tax deductions for property loss from wildfire. Insists the only way to prevent wildfires is to allow lumber companies “manage” public forests. (Source) (Source) (Video)

  14. WATER FOR PROFIT - Tom thinks the Sacramento and American rivers are a waste of water. Wants to send NorCal water south to corporate prospectors who aim to grow vineyards and nut trees in the desert. Has NO plan to help foothill residents whose wells are running dry. (Source) (Source) (Example)

  15. CORPORATE SHILL - Tom McClintock’s top donors are corporations: Coal, oil & gas, real estate, banking, casinos, insurance, gun lobby, lumber, farming (water). An astonishing 11.42% of his donations come from PAC’s. (Source) (Source)

  16. GUNS EVERYWHERE - Tom McClintock apparently wishes to arm terror suspects and domestic abusers with military-style semiautomatic weapons like the AR-15. He also wants guns in classrooms. Why? He's received MORE 💰💰 from the gun lobby than 811 of 840 current & former members of the House, dating back to 1990. (Source) (Source) (Source)

  17. ANTI-IMMIGRANT - Tom McClintock supports exiling young, successful, law-abiding Americans to countries they do not know because their parents came here the 'wrong' way. (Source)

  18. PRO-RUSSIA - Tom McClintock believes it’s okay to allow foreign adversaries to interfere with our elections. (Source) (Source

  19. OPPOSES EQUALITY - Tom McClintock has fought to reduce equality and eliminate protections for nearly 20 million Americans.  (Source) (Source)

  20. NO FRIEND TO VETS - Voted against funding for veterans for mental health services. (Video) (Video) (Source) (Source)

Tom has nothing to run on. His entire campaign is built on leveraging fear, uncertainty, and doubt to convince voters that his opponent is “dangerous.” He peddles in the language of division and derision, objectifying his constituents and mocking their beliefs.

If you’re ready for a true representative who lives in our district, who understands our issues and will put country over party, you are ready for Jessica Morse. She’s incredibly qualified, earned a plethora of endorsements across party lines, and has proven that she will represent ALL of us.

Please take a moment to learn more about Jessica Morse, and help spread the word!