Just A Short Note To Let You Know...

… Whatever happens tomorrow, I’ll be right back at it on Wednesday.

Our efforts are bigger than one election. Over the past two years we’ve seen a level of activism across our congressional district unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It is incredibly important that we keep this momentum.

Everything could go our way tomorrow, but that wouldn’t change the fact that we have 30+ years of Republican propaganda to unwind. Trump could even be thrown in jail for tax evasion or conspiracy, but we’d still have neighbors who think it’s a good idea to separate 6 year-olds from their parents because it’ll frighten away desperate refugees walking 1,000+ miles to find asylum.

So, if Jessica Morse wins or we retake the House, great. We won’t get complacent - we get motivated. If she loses or we fail to retake the House, fine. We lick our wounds and press forward to 2020.

Yes, the past two years have been difficult, to say the least. It seems that every day we are hit with more shocking revelations of cruelty, greed, corruption, and hate, but I’m not about to move to Canada. I love America and I know you do too. We will continue to fight, driven with the knowledge that fear is by its nature, self-destructive, and that kindness, compassion, integrity, and love are self-perpetuating and will ultimately prevail.

Keep showing up.
Keep speaking up.
Keep fighting the good fight.

- Paul