Hey you. Do you remember?

Do you remember, not so long ago as you watched with fury while the intransigent GOP Congress shut down every bipartisan effort Dems put forward? All those times President Obama called for unity only to have birthers spit in his face? Merrick f***ing Garland? Do you remember how it felt? Do you remember how it felt to rage on the Internet or scream into your pillow? Do you remember how it felt to feel alone?

I remember.

I remember that night of the 2004 election when Bush was reelected - I remember thinking, “Oh my God… I’M THE WEIRD ONE. Maybe I’m not an American! Maybe Americans are a bunch of scared children who don’t care about the world beyond the fences of their suburban homesteads!”

Remember? We were flotsam - blue bits of despair surrounded by a rising sea of blood-thirsty red with no quarter to turn to.

But then something remarkable happened. Together, we reached a tipping point after the 2016 election. You decided to fight. You stood up, looked around, and we found each other. Together we made history with the largest mass protest in American history. We flooded town halls, made phone calls, wrote letters, and together we saved the Affordable Care Act. We stopped the Muslim Ban. We ended childhood separation at the border… We did all this with a Republican President and Republican majorities in the House in the Senate… and last night, we flipped the House of Representatives.

This morning may feel bittersweet, but take heart… Our mission was always bigger than a single House seat. Yes, booting McClintock would’ve been a nice feather in our cap, but what we’ve accomplished is so incredibly much more than him…

It’s us.

Culture will always come before politics and in that regard, we’ve established the biggest, loudest, and most bitchin’ party on the block. We are leading the way.

So, drink your coffee and take your aspirin friends. Splash some cold water on your face and stand back up. Today is just another day, just like yesterday or any day before. The groups we’ve formed are the largest and most active our district has ever seen, and isn’t that something…

We are our greatest prize. WE are our victory.


Jess… If you’re reading this, I hope you can take a step back and see all that you’ve done. You were more than a candidate.

In the two years that’ve passed since you started this journey, you’ve traveled more miles and met with more people than McClintock over the entire course of his 10-year term of “service.”

You were OUR representative - not just for Dems, liberals, or Tom’s favorite dig, “Marxists,” but all of us. All this time you thought you were campaigning, you were actually doing the work of a leader and spokeswoman, and for that we are incredibly grateful.

Thank you.

You’ve laid the seeds for our fields of hope and I for one, hope you will stick around to tend to the fragile shoots that spring from your effort. There’s a bountiful harvest on the horizon. 🙂

Make haste. Dust yourself off and lunge back into the fray. We are ready.

- Paul