It's Time to Take Control Of Your Data

You don’t have to wait for Mark Zuckerberg to fix Facebook. You can take control RIGHT NOW.

First off, don’t delete your Facebook account! Nothing beats a phone call, but until something better comes along, Facebook remains the best way to stay in touch with all of your friends and family at scale.

That being said, your friends and family don’t need to see all your personal info on Facebook. All of this data is used to target you for ads and boosted posts. It's also used to filter posts in your feed so you see just the ones the company thinks you'd be most interested in. This is partly the reason why we now live in online filter bubbles.


So, grab your favorite beverage, put on your favorite protest playlist, roll up your sleeves and stick it to the social media man where it counts. Note - You should complete the steps for both desktop and smartphone. There are separate settings for each.

Steps to becoming master of your online domain:

From a desktop computer:

  1. Delete ALL personal info from your profile. (City, hometown, employment/work history, education, religious views, political views, relationship status, professional skills, contact info, favorite quotes, family members... EVERYTHING.) Your friends either already know all this, or don’t need to know. 
    ➡️Personal FB Page ➡️Edit Profile
    ➡️Personal FB Page ➡️Edit Profile ➡️Edit Your About Info
  2. Unlike any pages you don’t care to receive updates from. Leave any groups you don’t participate in. 
    ➡️Personal FB page ➡️Groups and Pages (on left side of page)
  3. Delete ALL movies you've watched, books read, favorite sports teams, etc. None of your friends ever look at this info. (instructions)
  4. Update your privacy settings so that visibility to everything is either “Only me” or “Friends.” (Guarantee: If your privacy setting for your friends list is set to “Public” or “Friends of friends” you have creepers finding your cute daughter or granddaughter and checking out her photos.) (instructions)
  5. Set the privacy of your Likes and Follows to "Only Me." (instructions)
  6. Disable facial recognition. (instructions)
  7. Configure your photo tagging privacy settings. (instructions)
  8. Install AdBlock on your computer browsers. (link to AdBlock)
  9. Remove all apps that you don't use and trust from FB. While on a computer,
    ➡️Down arrow at top-right of Facebook page ➡️Settings ➡️Apps (on left side of screen)
  10. MOST IMPORTANT - Prevent 3rd party apps from accessing your Facebook data. (instructions
By 'people' Facebook means political operatives and advertisers. Don't ever answer these questions.

By 'people' Facebook means political operatives and advertisers. Don't ever answer these questions.

On your smartphone:

  1. While in the Facebook app, click on the three horizontal lines on the bottom-right of the screen. Scroll down to 'Settings' and then choose 'Account Settings.'
  2. Disable location services for Facebook on your smartphone. No one on Facebook needs to know your location. (instructions)
  3. Disable facial recognition. (instructions)
  4. Turn off Facebook Platform: Account Settings  ➡️ Apps ➡️Apps, Websites and Games
  5. Set your Ad Preferences: Account Settings  ➡️Ads
    Remove all interests
     - Advertisers You've Interacted With: Hide ads from all advertisers.
     - Your Information: Turn everything off. Remove all Categories
     - Ad Settings: Set everything to 'NO'
     - Ad Topics: Hide ads for all topics Permanently.


  1. Delete your search history: (instructions)
  2. Turn off personalized ads (instructions)