Happy Independent's Day!

...Or as we in Colfax call it, “The 3th of July!”

As our Nation celebrates the 241st anniversary of its founding, there seems to be a bigger rift between the citizens and their government than ever before; often disguised and painted as The Reds Vs. The Blues, The Republicans Vs. The Democrats, the truth is more likely it's THEM Vs. US, “Them” is the government and US is “We The People”. No matter how the picture is painted, the unrest among American citizens is growing and it's not likely to stop anytime too soon. We The People are becoming more divided as the distinction between fact and fiction, between truth and lies, between actuality and reality television is being blurred beyond recognition. In my lifetime (56 years and counting), the only time I can think of which was maybe more tumultuous was during the civil unrest of the 1960's but at least back then, we could trust Walter Cronkite or Chet Huntley & David Brinkley to deliver just the facts in terms of news. This new civil unrest, this dystopian conglomeration of propaganda, misinformation, social media manipulation is, in my humble opinion, far more nefarious and dangerous than anything our nation has survived in its (relatively brief) 241 years of history. In truth, I'm concerned our country as a whole will not survive this national rift and the brilliant, grand experiment of our founding fathers will ultimately fail. Goodness help us, if The United States of America were to disintegrate, everything we know will seem to immediately change. Although, for the most part, most of us would survive a collapse of this nation, it will indeed be a very sad, pitiful end to a potentially magnificent establishment that came so close to reaching its glorious aspirations...but historically empires have always come and gone, yet We The People have always remained, we always survive.

The notion that We The People have always survived is evidenced by both history and individually through our very own personal experiences. We The People, as a nation, have survived both revolutionary and civil wars, we have survived drought and depression, we have weathered both astonishingly shocking assassinations of our leaders and horrific cataclysmic assaults on our soil...We The People have collectively achieved profoundly amazing things together, we have been through a lot together, but no matter who was in The White House or who The Enemies were, at the end of the day it is still just We The People...people like you or me, looking at one another across the fence, both of us knowing we together survived another shit storm of one kind or another. You know this if you've experienced something so tragic in your life, something so emotionally difficult you thought you'd never make it through the agonizing pain. Everybody has felt something like that...the death of a beloved child or partner, the brutalization or indelible scars of violence, the unpredictable intense adrenaline of war, the painfully confusing recovery from illnesses, from economic hardships or unpredictable accidents...We The People have each had to deal with something that seemed insurmountable, something so tragic it almost crippled or destroyed us...but We The People, as Independent Entities, have survived. We survive and life goes on in the most ordinary of ways. The will to survive is a supreme and divine attribute of being human and if you don't believe me, go ask your mother...or your spiritual adviser or therapist...go ask anyone, they'll tell you I'm right; We The People Will Survive because We Can and Do, Always Have, Always Will...no matter who or what the matter is, We The People Will Survive.

Perhaps you might wonder why I'm going on about We The People and We Will Survive on this All American Holiday Weekend...I know I'm curious about that too. Truth is my intention was to highlight the need for each of us to remain Independent on this All American Holiday. I was thinking of writing about how we should each put down our Red Flags and Blue Flags, divorce ourselves, if only for the holiday weekend from being a Democrat or Republican...we are not Conservatives or Liberals on this weekend, we are God Damn Americans! All of us, but more importantly, EACH of us have a unique perspective on what America or being an American is all about...and we EACH need to simply celebrate and respect that very fucking American right...to remain Independent.

Lastly let me just end this modest article with a short introduction...My name is d'Philip Chalmers, I reside with my family in the greater Colfax area in California Congressional District 04...I am a published author, public speaker and sometimes blogger with very Independent political leanings...and this article is the first of a series I intend to publish over the next year.

I am grateful for your time and attention, you're invited to engage with me if you can find me and in the meanwhile...I most sincerely wish you a Very Happy Independent's Day!