Thank You.

2017 might seem like a year worth forgetting. The list of horribles is breathtaking in its length and scope: The attempted Muslim ban, the repeal of DACA, the gutting of the State Department, EPA and other critical governmental agencies, the negligent and thoughtless repeal of critical environmental regulations, our exit from the Paris Climate Accord, the Republican land-grab of our national parks, the Detwiler, Sonoma County, and Thomas fires, the reckless escalation of tensions with North Korea, the Sutherland Springs shooting, the Las Vegas massacre, hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, Puerto Rico, the incessant tweeting and lies of our demagogue President, the attacks on free speech and the demonization of our free press, the rise of white nationalism and neo-Nazi’s, Charlottesville, the State of Jefferson, the passage of the GOP tax scam, and of course, the condescending nature and obstinance of our out-of-touch and do-nothing Congressman, Tom McClintock.

The list could go on, but, for all the bad things to happen this year, there was one good thing that should give us all hope as we head into 2018: The birth of the Resistance.

2017 will be remembered as the year we came together and took a stand to oppose Trump and the GOP, and spoke out forcefully against their regressive policies and ideals. Beginning with the Sacramento Women’s March in January and the now-famous Roseville Town Hall two weeks later, we showed the world that CA-04 was not as “reliably conservative” as most pundits made it out to be. Four highly-qualified women would emerge to challenge McClintock for his seat in Congress, one of whom would out-raise him by nearly $120,000 in a single quarter. As a result of our strong grassroots efforts and support of our Democratic candidates, our district was added to the short list of “target districts” by the DCCC.

Moments worth remembering from 2017 include:

  • January 20th - Sacramento Women’s March
  • February 4th - Roseville Town Hall protest
  • February 21st - Mariposa Town Hall protest
  • February 22nd - Sonora Town Hall protest
  • March 4th - El Dorado Hills Town Hall protest
  • April 8th - Loomis Town Hall protest
  • April 15th - Sacramento Tax March
  • April 20th - March for Science, Lake Tahoe
  • April 22nd - March for Science, Yosemite
  • May 13th - ACA Repeal Die-in near McClintock’s home in Elk Grove
  • June 10th - Unity Rally supporting diversity and inclusion
  • June 17th - Jackson Town Hall Handmaids protest
  • August 13th, 16th & 18th - Stand in Solidarity with Charlottesville, Roseville, Sonora, Mariposa, and Truckee
  • August 22nd - McClintock Protest in Truckee
  • August 24th - Foresthill Town Hall protest
  • August 26th - Tri-county Indivisible Fest in Sonora ❤️️
  • September 20th - Angels Camp Town Hall
  • September 26th - Die-in at McClintock’s Roseville office
  • October 19th - O'Neals Town Hall
  • December 5th - Trump #TaxScam Protest in Roseville
  • More than 80 days of protest in front of McClintock’s Roseville office by the RATT Pack
  • Dozens of forums and events for our Democratic Congressional Candidates

In total, we would come together for more than 450 unique events across our district, 530 if we include the twice-weekly RATT Pack demonstrations!

Nationally, we saw a blue wave begin to sweep across the country with improbable near-wins in special elections. Later, we would celebrate as the Resistance helped push through victories in Virginia and New Jersey, and the incredible win of Doug Jones in Alabama of all places. And, let’s not forget the enormous cultural shift underway as a result of the “Me too” movement.

Sailing across an ocean of hope, we have the wind at our backs and victory on the horizon.

Of course, there are days where it might seem that our efforts are in vain. Our attempts to influence McClintock often feel like an exercise in futility, and the sensational ridiculousness of Trump and his supporters have a way of stealing the spotlight. However, we have every confidence that as we head into 2018 that our numbers will continue to grow and our collective voice drown out the vitriol of Trumpism with a hopeful message for our district’s future.

Today, we now have nearly 70 local groups working to set the stage for McClintock’s defeat in 2018. This is an incredible number for our mostly rural district; a signal to just how unpopular our Congressman and his outspoken support of Trump have become.

Our revolution will not be televised. It will not be led by some cult of personality waving its flags for a new Dear Leader... The radical transformation our district will come to be known by the many voices in “Letters to the Editor,” on streets and highway overpasses, with tee shirts and bumper stickers, in booths at local festivals, and in countless conversations at bars, restaurants and parties.

Our revolution will also happen online. There are some who might dismiss social media as an effective tool for political activism, but if we’ve learned anything from Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, it’s that online engagement plays a significant role in establishing the dominant conversation. By engaging online and sharing our posts, you have helped us become the most influential political force within CA-04. Our collective views on Trump and the GOP are supported by fact, and come from a place of pragmatism, optimism, and an unshakable belief that in order for us to succeed as a nation, we must all work together as one nation, undivided.

2017 was the year the Resistance in CA-04 was born. 2018 will be the year of our “Reasonable Revolution” where we pull ourselves back from the brink of tribalism, and work with our friends, family and neighbors to re-establish a moderate majority. Tom McClintock will be well-known throughout the district for the right-wing radical he is and on November 6th, we will vote Tom out of office. He will be replaced with a true representative; a woman who lives in our district, understands our needs, and will put people over party, fighting for common sense legislation that serves all of her constituents, not a handful of wealthy, out-of-district donors.

We have incredible momentum and have good reason to be optimistic as we begin 2018. Our success is due to your continued engagement. The act of commenting on, and sharing a post might seem insignificant, but when added together, small acts have an outsized impact on our political landscape.

YOU are making a difference. Thank you for following us online and subscribing to our newsletter.

YOU are The Resistance. Thank you for sharing our posts and forwarding our emails.

YOU are the Revolution! Thank you for not giving up and staying engaged in the fight.

Looking forward,

- The team at Sierra Nevada Revolution