Who Runs Sierra Nevada Revolution?

We are an all-volunteer team of local professionals who has developed a robust digital platform to broadcast and amplify stories, opinions, and insights.


Are you paid?

No. We are a 100% volunteer grassroots movement of concerned constituents who want to make a difference in our local, district, state, and national politics. None of us are paid. All of us, including the group's organizers, live inside the district. Most of us have never been politically active before the 2016 election.


Are you being assisted by Outside organizations?



Then why do you look so slick?

Our team is a motley crew of young, amateur activists and grizzled veterans who are leveraging their professional experience to build a nimble, world-class organization. Our efforts are shaped by our experience as professional marketers, writers, designers, accountants, artists, video producers, professional photographers, and so on. Much of what we do is modeled after Silicon Valley startups, borrowing from Lean Startup principles. We do this in our spare time after work, between naps, during soccer games, and on the weekends.


Are you “anarchists?” Are you “socialists?” Are you just trying to cause problems?

We are patriots! We have no allegiance or affiliation to groups such as the “black bloc” and "antifa" who have been involved with violence in Portland, Washington D.C. and Berkeley. We are not anarchists or Communists, and we most certainly are not “rioting in the streets” (unless you consider laughing with friends and sharing home-baked cookies as rioting.). We are peaceful, but frustrated citizens – Teachers, pastors, veterans, laborers, builders, business-people, mothers, fathers, grandparents, children – We are people who love this country deeply.


What kind of actions are you taking?

We are taking every opportunity to push back against the Trump administration’s nationalistic and regressive policies. We use every opportunity available to say NO - forcefully, loudly, publicly. This may be through social media, blogging, letters to local newspapers, calls to our members of congress and elected representatives, through town halls, office visits, city council meetings, school board meetings and more.


What is your relationship with the democratic party or Indivisible?

In one word: Family. And, like any family, we have our disagreements and occasional quarrels, but we are forever connected by a common belief system, and work to support each other during this time of crisis. We aim to move our district away from tribalism and identity politics, and return to place where we have respectful conversations with each other. We wish to elect true representatives who will put people over party, and address the most pressing issues of our district. 


Tell me more about that amazing video on your home page!

Learn more HERE.


This sounds great! How Can I Help?

If you've taken the time to read down this far on our website, then you've got the time and inclination to do just a few small things than can make a big difference. There are many ways to get involved, but it starts with you clicking on the button below!  ⬇️